Severe Weather Information

Tornado - When severe weather threatens the City of Fayette, the Fayette Fire Department sends crew members several miles out of town to look for funnel clouds.  If a tornado is spotted, that information is relayed by radio to Fire Department crew members stationed in Fayette then the warning sirens are sounded.  In addition to this alarm, the Fire Department will also drive through town, as time permits, with the fire truck sirens going which means all citizens should seek immediate shelter. 

Flooding - In the event of the Volga River rising out of its banks in Fayette, the Fire Department will drive through town with the fire truck lights flashing (no siren).  Residents should leave their front door lights on to indicate they have exited the house in disaster situations so safety personnel will know the house is clear in case of flooding.

In addition to these, as an extra precaution, it is advised to tune in to local radio and television stations and take the advice given by these broadcasting stations as well.  The most important way individuals can prevent being injured is to be alert to the onset of severe weather.

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