Council Meeting Minutes 9-18-2023


September 18, 2023

     The City Council of the City of Fayette, Iowa, met Monday, September 18, 2023, at 6:00 pm in the Community Room at the Fayette Community Library pursuant to law and rules of said council, Mayor Wood presiding. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance.

     Roll call: Present - Council members Lowery, Post, Potratz, Scott, and Tucker.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Post, to approve the consent agenda items consisting of the regular meeting minutes of 9/5/23, the claims list of 9/2/23-9/15/2, accepting the resignation and retirement of Randy Streeter, and approval to renew the Class B Retail Alcohol License for Dolgencorp, LLC/ Dollar General #20268. Roll call, all ayes, motion carried.

     Citizen Comments: Charles Clark of Fayette expressed concern over city street conditions.

     Moved Lowery, seconded Scott, to approve the agenda as presented. All ayes, motion carried.

     Mayor Wood appointed Jason Niles as Fire Chief for the remainder of 2023.  Wood advised the council that he will be attending the League of Cities conference 9/20 through 9/22 in Cedar Rapids. Wood and administrator Hawes met with IMWCA about the potential of having quarterly safety meetings instead of monthly. IMWCA said that given the city of Fayette’ claim numbers, the city is required to continue monthly safety meetings.

     City Administrator/Clerk Hawes informed the council that he is continuing to work with previous city administrator McGrane to train for the position.  Hawes informed the council of progress made towards the future city hall location, 9 S Main, as the materials needed to continue the project are expected to arrive this week.

     Fayette Police Chief Davis informed the council that the state may be cutting local funding for police, EMS, and fire services, removing some control over expenditures. Davis will be drafting a template letter against such actions and urged the council and residents to write to their representatives opposing such measures.

     Public Works Director Hildebrand advised the council that they are working to replace water meters.  They are doing so gradually to spread out costs throughout the year.

Moved Tucker, seconded Potratz, to approve purchasing more water meters not to exceed $16,000. All ayes, motion carried.

Moved Post, seconded Potratz, to approve payment to Envirodyne Systems Inc. for the purchase of two take-up bearing assemblies in the amount of $17,034.32. All ayes, motion carried.

Moved Tucker, seconded Scott, to approve Resolution #2023-47, setting rates/fees and for setting compensation rates for volunteers for the city of Fayette Ambulance Service. Roll call, Ayes: Lowery, Potratz, Scott, and Tucker; Abstained: Post, motion carried.

Moved Scott, seconded Lowery, to table discussion on completing pacing the trail from Fayette to Volga River Recreation Area. All ayes, motion carried.

    There being no further business, Wood declared the meeting adjourned at 7:04pm.

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