The City of Fayette is having some sanitary sewer repairs and lining work done throughout Fayette. Crews have started this week (Monday, Sept. 10, 2018). The repairs and the lining work are sporadic around town, so you may see some roads closed or partially blocked while the crews are working. If you do, don't expect the road to be closed or blocked for an extended amount of time (probably for only one day). Please use extra caution when traveling around Fayette for the next few months.

The City of Fayette, in partnership with Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission (UERPC), is excited to announce the availability of a revolving loan fund (RLF) to attract new or expanding businesses in Fayette.  Fayette was recently awarded a Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) from Rural Development, an agency of the USDA, that will help fund the RLF loans for the first year.

The program is designed to provide attractive financing terms to businesses that are otherwise unable to borrow needed funds through traditional bank financing.  Often, the RLF can provide the financing on that part of a project that is most difficult to finance – machinery, equipment, inventory, land acquisition, site preparation, building construction or remodeling, furniture, and so forth.

“Shrubb’s Street Eatery recently opened, the Fayette County Food Shelf and Thrift Store is currently adding on to their building, and with the announcement of a Dollar General coming to downtown Fayette, the council hopes this revolving loan fund helps encourage more businesses to open in Fayette,” commented Kris McGrane, Fayette’s City Administrator/Clerk.

Loan amounts will range from $5,000 to $50,000 with interest rates of 1% over prime, but not to exceed 5%.  Projects must involve a minimum of 5% personal equity.  Typical loan terms are 5 to 7 years.  In addition, UERPC has loans available up to $150,000 at similar rates and terms.

Fayette, which is the home of Upper Iowa University, encourages businesses to work with their local bank and economic developer and to consider financing options through the City’s RLF to make sure that financing obstacles do not hinder the creation and expansion of great businesses in Fayette.

For more information or to obtain an application, visit the City of Fayette’s website,, UERPC’s website,, or contact Fayette City Hall at 563-425-4316.

The Fayette City Council would like citizens of Fayette to share their thoughts and concerns in regards to the possibility of moving the Armed Forces Memorial Stone that is currently in front of City Hall, the Fayette Police Department and the Fayette Ambulance to the Open Air Market. A request was made to move the Memorial Stone to the Open Air Market and incorporate it with the Freedom Rock (that is scheduled to be painted next summer) and the Pfc. James Lee Memorial Bench. You may express your thoughts and concerns in multiple ways: post a comment on the City of Fayette's Facebook page underneath the picture of the Monument, by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by stopping in or calling Fayette City Hall or by attending the next Regular Council Meeting on Monday, Aug. 20th at 6PM at Fayette City Hall.

Fayette City Hall will have limited hours for the next two weeks of July.  You may drop any payments in the drop box located to the right of the front door at City Hall or click here to find out if you can pay online.


  • Monday, July 16th and Tuesday, July 17th – 8AM-11AM
  • Wednesday, July 18th – 1PM-4PM
  • Thursday, July 19th – 8AM-11AM
  • Friday, July 20th – CLOSED
  • Monday, July 23rd and Tuesday, July 24th – 8AM-11AM
  • Wednesday, July 25th – CLOSED
  • Thursday, July 26th – 1PM-4PM
  • Friday, July 27th – 8AM-11AM


The Fayette Police Department is now accepting sealed bids for a 2007 Ford Explorer. The vehicle will be sold in its current condition or "as is". A minimum bid of $3,000.00 is required and the vehicle will be sold to the highest bidder. Bids received will be dated and time stamped in the event of a matching bid where the earliest bid will be accepted.

The sealed bids may be submitted between July 10th, 2018 and July 24th, 2018. Please have "Vehicle Bid" on the envelope. The bids may be mailed to Fayette Police Chief Benjamin Davis, P.O. Box 28, Fayette, IA 52142 or dropped off at the Fayette Police Department or Fayette City Hall located at 11 S. Main Street.

The sealed bids will be opened on July 26th, 2018 at Fayette City Hall at 2PM.

If you would like to review the vehicle before making a bid, contact the Fayette Police Department between 8AM and 4PM at 563-425-3500 to schedule a time.

Fayette City Hall will have limited hours for the rest of June.  You may drop any payments in the drop box located to the right of the front door at City Hall or click here to find out if you can pay online.


  • Friday, June 15th – CLOSED
  • Monday, June 18th through Thursday, June 21st – 8AM  to 11AM
  • Friday, June 22nd – CLOSED
  • Monday, June 25th through Wednesday, June 27th – 8AM to 10AM
  • Thursday, June 28th – CLOSED
  • Friday, June 29th – 8AM to Noon and 1PM to 4PM (Regular Hours)


A hostile threat interdiction exercise was held at Upper Iowa University in Fayette in the afternoon on June 5, 2018.  The Fayette Police Department, Fayette Ambulance, Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Fayette County Emergency Management, West Union Police Department, Upper Iowa University and several other area agencies and ambulance services participated in the exercise.  The city of Fayette thanks everyone involved in the exercise for their dedication to our safety.

The repairs to the Volga River Bridge on S. Main Street in Fayette have started.  The crew is doing their best to keep at least one lane open for travelers.  Please be extra cautious when crossing the bridge as they work on repairs.  It is unsure how long the repairs will take, but it could be up to a few weeks.

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