The Fayette City Council will conduct a public hearing on the proposed Budget at Fayette City Hall, 11 S. Main Street, on Tuesday, 2/19/2019 at 6PM.  A copy of the detailed proposed Budget may be obtained or viewed at the offices of the Mayor, City Clerk, and at the Library or click here.

The City of Fayette would like to extend our sympathy to the family of David F. Bolger. David passed away on December 29, 2018, with his family by his side.

David Bolger has donated millions of dollars to Upper Iowa University, the City of Fayette and many clubs or organizations in Fayette. He was known as the "Honorary Mayor of Fayette".

An excerpt from Bolger's obituary states: Recalling a visit to (UIU's) small town of Fayette, IA, David said, “They used to have a Friday night walk…and in my customary way, I joined the walk one week and picked up various pieces of trash along the way. Then at dinner, I was presented with an award for my efforts: a stick with a nail on the end of it.” That was David — never overlooking even the humblest details!

UPDATE 1/8/19: All of the sanitary sewer spot repairs and lining have been completed in Fayette.  The roads that were dug up will be repaired in the Spring of 2019.

UPDATE 12/14/18: Wadena Road in Fayette is now open. There are still some sanitary sewer lining work to be completed in town through the end of January. This work should not close down any roads in Fayette, but there will be trucks and cones up on the roads where they are working. Please continue to use extra caution when driving in town.

ORIGINAL NOTICE: They are still working on the sanitary sewer spot repairs on Wadena Road in Fayette. [Wadena Road turns into Kornhill Road or C24 when you leave the City of Fayette on the SE side of town.] Wadena Road has been closed this past week (12/4 through today, 12/7), but they are planning on opening 1 lane for the weekend. The road will be completely closed down again on Monday, 12/10, for them to finish the repairs. Hopefully, if everything goes smoothly, the work will be completed, and the road will be back open by the end of next week (or by 12/14). Please try and use alternative routes, if possible, or use extra caution when driving in this area of town.

The City of Fayette, in partnership with Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission (UERPC), is excited to announce the availability of a revolving loan fund (RLF) to attract new or expanding businesses in Fayette.  Fayette was recently awarded a Rural Business Development Grant (RBDG) from Rural Development, an agency of the USDA, that will help fund the RLF loans for the first year.

The program is designed to provide attractive financing terms to businesses that are otherwise unable to borrow needed funds through traditional bank financing.  Often, the RLF can provide the financing on that part of a project that is most difficult to finance – machinery, equipment, inventory, land acquisition, site preparation, building construction or remodeling, furniture, and so forth.

“Shrubb’s Street Eatery recently opened, the Fayette County Food Shelf and Thrift Store is currently adding on to their building, and with the announcement of a Dollar General coming to downtown Fayette, the council hopes this revolving loan fund helps encourage more businesses to open in Fayette,” commented Kris McGrane, Fayette’s City Administrator/Clerk.

Loan amounts will range from $5,000 to $50,000 with interest rates of 1% over prime, but not to exceed 5%.  Projects must involve a minimum of 5% personal equity.  Typical loan terms are 5 to 7 years.  In addition, UERPC has loans available up to $150,000 at similar rates and terms.

Fayette, which is the home of Upper Iowa University, encourages businesses to work with their local bank and economic developer and to consider financing options through the City’s RLF to make sure that financing obstacles do not hinder the creation and expansion of great businesses in Fayette.

For more information or to obtain an application, visit the City of Fayette’s website,, UERPC’s website,, or contact Fayette City Hall at 563-425-4316.

A hostile threat interdiction exercise was held at Upper Iowa University in Fayette in the afternoon on June 5, 2018.  The Fayette Police Department, Fayette Ambulance, Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Fayette County Emergency Management, West Union Police Department, Upper Iowa University and several other area agencies and ambulance services participated in the exercise.  The city of Fayette thanks everyone involved in the exercise for their dedication to our safety.

Everyone is invited to meet and congratulate the new Fayette Police Chief, Ben Davis, on Friday, May 18th, from 6PM to 7PM at 9 S. Main Street (right next to Fayette City Hall).  National Police Week is May 13th through 19th.

The Fayette City Council promoted Fayette Officer Benjamin Davis as the next Police Chief at the May 7th regular council meeting.  Current Fayette Police Chief Richard Pisanti submitted his resignation last month after accepting a position in Florida.  Davis worked as a police officer in Strawberry Point before he came to Fayette in June of 2016.

“Chief Pisanti made great strides in bringing the department up to date and I would like to continue that trend.” Davis said.  “I feel community outreach is a very important role and being more involved in the community is a promise I made when I was hired in 2016 and I would like to continue that trend.”

Davis plans on beginning the application process immediately for a new full-time officer to fill the vacancy in the department.  “I am excited at this opportunity to serve this community at a higher expectation and look forward to working with everyone.” Davis closed.

Davis will take over as Fayette Police Chief on May 12th.   

There is no place like home. And there is no place like Fayette.

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