Council Meeting Minutes 9-3-19


September 3, 2019

     The City Council of the City of Fayette, Iowa, met Tuesday, September 3, 2019, at 6pm in Fayette City Hall pursuant to law and rules of said council, Mayor Wenthe presiding.

     Roll call: Present - Council members Cowley, Larson, Tucker and Wulfekuhle. Absent – Potratz.

     Moved Larson, seconded Cowley, to approve the consent agenda items consisting of the regular meeting minutes of 8/19/19, the claims list of 8/20/19 – 9/3/19, and the financial reports for July 2019.  Roll call, all ayes, motion carried.

     Treasurer’s Balance for Fund Accounts as of July 31, 2019: Total July Receipts: $129,721.31 (General $66,174.22; Streets $13,811.82; Employee Benefits $1,593.77; Local Option Sales Tax [LOST] $8,541.19; TIF $28.32; CDBG LMI Housing $1,020; Revolving Loan $1,085.47; Bolger $315.40; Library Fund $33.49; Water $12,451.45; Water T&A $1,350; Sewer $18,182.02; Water/Sewer Capital $4,550.11; Storm Water $584.05). Total July Disbursements: $166,187.78 (General $68,141.42; Streets $20,046.81; Employee Benefits $26,703.79; Bolger $1,467.01; Water $17,665.19; Water T&A $1,345.42; Sewer $22,634.29; Sewer Project $8,122.53; 9 S. Main St $61.32). Transfers in: Sewer Fund $9,575.50; Transfers out: Sewer $9,575.50. Treasurer’s Balance: $3,264,931.44.

     Moved Larson, seconded Wulfekuhle, to approve the agenda as presented. All ayes, carried.

     Mayor Wenthe reminded the council about Fayette Watermelon Days this weekend.  Wenthe will be attending a meeting to search for a new Fayette County Assessor.  Wenthe advised the council that the new business, Driftless Area Guide Company, has officially opened next to City Hall.

     Administrator/Clerk McGrane reminded the council that city hall’s hours officially changed, and he ordered a window decal for the front door to indicate the new hours.  Deputy Clerk Anne Seller’s last day with the city was on 8/30/19.  McGrane met with FEMA to review the cities Floodplain documents on 8/20.  He also attended a Low-Income Housing Tax Credit & Affordable Housing informational meeting on 8/29.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Wulfekuhle, to discuss Ordinance 508, amending section 2 in chapter 92 to adjust water rates for irrigation systems.  Roy and Jean Karlson (506 W. Clark St.) were present and had some questions about their water bills answered.  Karlson’s voiced their concerns about increasing the water rates for irrigation systems and wanted the council to be aware that there are only a few irrigation systems in town.  Wenthe also advised the council he is not in support of increasing the rates for irrigation systems at this time.  McGrane had inquired with other cities around Iowa who have separate rates for irrigation systems and only heard back from Waukee, West Des Moines, Johnston and Urbandale.  After further discussion, no action was taken.  

     Moved Tucker, seconded Wulfekuhle, to discuss Ordinance 507, amending sections 2 and 4 in chapter 99 to increase the sewer rate.  McGrane explained that there are a few sections in the code that need updated with the new minimum sewer rates that were recently raised.  Moved Wulfekuhle, seconded Tucker, to waive the first and the second readings of Ordinance 507.  Roll call, all ayes.  Moved Wulfekuhle, seconded Tucker, to approve the third and final reading of Ordinance 508, amending sections 2 and 4 in chapter 99 to increase the sewer rate.  Roll call, all ayes.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Wulfekuhle, to discuss and consider drafting a solar panel ordinance.  Tucker advised she had started researching and Decorah and Waverly currently have a solar panel ordinance.  The council decided to have Tucker and Cowley work together on researching and drafting an ordinance to present at a future council meeting.  After further discussion, moved Tucker, seconded Wulfekuhle, to have any building permits with solar panels or energy efficient structures be brought to the city council prior to approval.  All ayes, carried.

     Moved Cowley, seconded Larson, to discuss and consider purchasing another JUS Utility Billing User License.  McGrane explained the quote was for $650, which would be annually.  By purchasing the extra license, it would let city hall workers access the Utility Billing software on two computers instead of only one.  Currently if we are assisting multiple customers, working on customer accounts, printing bills or working on any utility billing financing, we have to take turns using the software because only one person can be on it at a time.  After further discussion and questions, McGrane will provide more information and clarification about the software at a future meeting.  Moved Tucker, seconded Cowley, to table.  All ayes, carried.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Larson, to move into closed session per Iowa Code 21.5(1)(j) to discuss the purchase or sale of a particular real estate only where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the City would have to pay for that property or reduce the price the City would receive for that property.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

    Moved Cowley, seconded Wulfekuhle, to move out of closed session.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

    There being no further business, moved Larson, unanimous, to adjourn at 6:46pm.

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