Council Meeting Minutes 7-2-18


July 2, 2018

     The City Council of the city of Fayette, Iowa, met Monday, July 2, 2018 at 6pm in the Fayette City Hall pursuant to law and rules of said council, Mayor Wenthe presiding.

     Roll call: Present - Council members Cowley, Larson, Nefzger, Tucker and Wulfekuhle.

     Moved Larson, seconded Nefzger, to approve the consent agenda consisting of the regular meeting minutes of 6/18/18 and the claims list of 6/19/18 – 7/2/18.  Roll call, all ayes, motion carried.

     Moved Cowley, seconded Larson, to approve the agenda as presented. All ayes, carried.

     This being the time and place published for a public hearing on the proposed authorization of a loan and disbursement agreement and the issuance of notes to evidence the obligation of the city thereunder not to exceed $415,000 sewer revenue capital loan notes, and the public hearing on the authorization and issuance thereof, Mayor Wenthe opened the hearing and asked for comments.  There being no comments, Mayor Wenthe closed the hearing.  Moved Larson, seconded Cowley, to approve Resolution 2018-15: Instituting proceedings to take additional action for the Authorization of a Loan and Disbursement Agreement and the Issuance of Not to Exceed $415,000 Sewer Revenue Capital Loan Notes.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

     Mayor Wenthe wanted to thank the police and all emergency services that responded to the recent accident that occurred just outside of town last week.  Nefzger, Tucker and Wenthe attended a small city workshop in West Union on June 21.  Wenthe will be sharing the City’s current comprehensive/strategic plan with the council and will have the council discuss it at one of the next couple council meetings.   

     City Administrator/Clerk McGrane advised the council that the quarterly water/utility bills were mailed out last week and reminded council that Fayette City Hall and the Fayette Community Library would be closed on Wednesday, July 4th for the holiday.  The Fayette Fire Department provided the number of Fire Responses from December 2017 through the beginning of June 2018: 0-Building Fires, 2-Brush/Grass Fires, 2-Vehicle Accidents, 3-Alarms, 5-Dept. Meetings, 7-Practices, 2-County Meetings, 2-Hazardous Cond., 2-Misc.  The council would like to request the Fayette Ambulance to provide a report of responses a couple times a year.

     Police Chief Davis gave a brief update to the council on a recent accident that occurred just outside of town.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Cowley, to discuss Resolution 2018-16.  The resolution is a necessity to receive federal funding, including the USDA RBDG funding for the Revolving Loan Fund Program.  Moved Wulfekuhle, seconded Tucker, to approve Resolution 2018-16: Adopting the Upper Explorerland Limited English Proficiency Analysis for use as the City of Fayette’s.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Cowley, to discuss hiring Stone K. Allen as a Fayette Police Officer and a starting salary.  Chief Davis advised they received a total of 16 applications and interviewed 3 applicants.  Allen has a college degree so he would be able to attend the shorter police academy, which would cost approximately $4,200.  The city would pay for the tuition.  Allen’s contract will state he must stay employed with the City of Fayette for four years after he graduates the academy, otherwise he must pay the cost of the tuition back to the city (pro-rated 25% each year).  After discussion, moved Tucker, seconded Wulfekuhle, to conditionally offer Stone K. Allen a full-time police officer job at a salary of $36,465 (Wage Scale #10) per year, based on Allen successfully completing the medical/physical exams and passing the fingerprint/background investigation.  All ayes, carried.

     Moved Larson, seconded Cowley, to discuss selling the 2007 Ford Police Explorer.  Chief Davis advised he has had all the decals removed and the police equipment taken out.  After discussion, moved Nefzger, seconded Tucker, to sell the 2007 Ford Police Explorer to the top bidder with a minimum bid of $3,000.  All ayes, carried.

     Moved Larson, seconded Cowley, to consider awarding a CPA firm to perform the City’s required annual examination for the year ending June 30, 2018.  The city had received two bids, one from Hogan & Hansen, P.C. out of Waterloo, Iowa for $4,500 and one from O’Connor, Brooks & Co., P.C. out of Dubuque, Iowa for $4,900.  After a brief discussion, moved Cowley, seconded Larson, to award Hogan & Hansen, P.C. to perform the City’s annual examination for the year ending June 30, 2018.  All ayes, carried.

     There being no further business, moved Nefzger, unanimous, to adjourn at 6:36pm. 

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