Council Meeting Minutes 10-16-17


October 16, 2017

     The City Council of the city of Fayette, Iowa, met Monday, October 16, 2017 at 7:30pm in the Fayette City Hall pursuant to law and rules of said council, Mayor Wenthe presiding.

     Roll call: Present - Council members Larson, Kragnes, Nefzger, Tucker and Wulfekuhle.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Nefzger, to approve the consent agenda consisting of the regular meeting minutes of 10/2/17, the claims list of 10/3/17 – 10/16/17, the renewal of a liquor license, outdoor service and Sunday sales to Down Town Lounge and the renewal of a native wine permit and Sunday sales for Pavo Blue/Upper Iowa University.  Roll call, all ayes, motion carried.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Wulfekuhle, to approve the agenda as presented.  All ayes to approve, motion carried.

     Upon Mayor Wenthe’s request and the Fayette Fire Departments recommendation, moved Kragnes, seconded Nefzger, to appoint Jason Niles and Keegan Clark, both from Fayette, to the Fayette Fire Department.  All ayes, carried.

     Administrator/Clerk McGrane reported to the council that Public Works Director Jerry Hildebrand and McGrane met with Jerald Ballanger (Ia Dept of Homeland Security & Emergency Management) on Oct. 11th to discuss and update the flood damage progress.  McGrane attended an “On-The-Road” Budgeting, Examinations and Accounting for Municipalities training at UIU on Oct.12th.  Bacon Concrete has started working on repairing Cardinal Park Sports Complex flood damages.  McGrane advised there was some minor damage to the bridge on South Main Street from the flood that was recently discovered.  It has been pointed out to Ballanger and Hildebrand is working on getting estimates.  McGrane advised the council of a few up-coming city notices including: Leaf pick-up will begin on Monday, Oct. 23rd and will take place on Monday’s (weather permitting) [Citizens may place their leaves on the City parkway or right-of-way near the street], Fall Clean-Up Day will be Thursday, Oct. 19th, and the city will be flushing hydrants on Tuesday, Oct. 24th (weather permitting) beginning at 7AM.  McGrane also presented the compliance review results from the recent IPERS audit to the council.

     Police Chief Pisanti advised the department has been working on quite a few cases and the new police vehicle should be here this week.

     Moved Tucker, seconded Kragnes, to approve the Fayette Community Library Board Minutes from September 13, 2017.  All ayes, carried.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to discuss and receive an update from Sam Whitehead, the Fayette County Economic Director.  All Ayes.  Whitehead advised: He has been scheduling meetings with entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business with consultants to discuss, free of charge, business plans and ideas and Whitehead has helped at least two clients out of Fayette; He has been working with Robert Wolf who met with Mayor Wenthe and Admin. McGrane to discuss regionalism and connecting communities across NE Iowa and discussed a community project proposal that was discussed that the city may partake in the future; He met with Wenthe, McGrane and Folsom Developments about redeveloping our housing strategies; He has been helping with working on a workforce road map project that is a study of our labor-ship and how to attract more people to our area; He is waiting to hear back from a Federal EEA grant; He was on the planning committee for the STEM Festival in Oelwein last week and he made sure that North Fayette Valley was included; He reminded the council that there are revolving loan funds available for GAP financing for people looking to start a business and are falling a little short on financing: He heard there may be a need for an area investment network and if there are any local investors to contact Whitehead. 

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Nefzger, to receive an update from Amy Tucker about the Fayette Hazard Mitigation Plan.  Tucker shared a few updates to the plan including addressing storm water/flooding drainage.  Tucker also shared the Turkey River Watershed Flood Reduction Plan.  If anyone has suggestions they should contact Tucker.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Wulfekuhle, to discuss appointing Housing Committee members for the CDBG Owner Occupied grant.  McGrane can notify the community through emails if anyone is interested in serving on a Housing Committee to contact Fayette City Hall. 

     Moved Larson, seconded Wulfekuhle, to discuss Ordinance 497 – Amending Fayette city code section 69.08 parking regulations: No parking zones by adding sub section 13.  No parking on east side of Mechanic Street from West Madison Street to West Jay Street, third and final reading.  Moved Wulfekuhle, seconded Larson, to approve the third and final reading and adopt Ordinance 497. On roll call, Larson, Tucker and Wulfekuhle ayes, Kragnes and Nefzger nay, motion carried.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to introduce Resolution 2017-16.  Moved Kragnes, seconded Nefzger, to approve and adopt Resolution 2017-16: City Street Financial Report for FY 2017.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to introduce Resolution 2017-17.  Moved Wulfekuhle, seconded Kragnes, to approve and adopt Resolution 2017-17: Authorizing submission of a CDBG Application to the Iowa Economic Development Authority and the Expenditure of Funds for a CDBG General Application for Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

     There being no further business, moved Nefzger, unanimous, to adjourn at 8:14pm.

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