Council Meeting Minutes 10-2-17


October 2, 2017

     The City Council of the city of Fayette, Iowa, met Monday, October 2, 2017 at 7:30pm in the Fayette City Hall pursuant to law and rules of said council, Mayor Wenthe presiding.

     Roll call: Present - Council members Kragnes, Larson, Nefzger, Tucker and Wulfekuhle. 

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Nefzger, to approve the consent agenda consisting of the regular meeting minutes of 9/18/17, claims list of 9/18/17 – 10/2/17, the August 2017 Treasurer’s/Clerk’s Report, and the renewal of a beer permit for Gavins IGA.  Roll call, all ayes, motion carried.

     Treasurer's Balance for Fund Accounts as of August 31, 2017:  Checking $1,294,892.53; Savings $242,887.21; Investments $1,128,876.14; Library Memorial $8,924.62.  Total August Receipts: $65,922.92.  Total August Disbursements: $102,146.81.  Bank Balance: $2,675,580.50.

     Moved Wulfekuhle, seconded Tucker, to approve the agenda as presented.  All ayes to approve, motion carried.

     Administrator/Clerk McGrane reported to the council that he met with Danielle Huffine with IPERS for an audit on Sept. 21st.  Fayette Library Director Linda Adams, Assistant Library Director Annette Butikofer and McGrane attended the Fayette County Supervisors meeting on Sept. 22nd to discuss future funding of the libraries throughout the county.  Jeremy Lockard and Bryce Bentley with Ridihalgh Fuelling Snitker Weber & Co. were at city hall Sept. 26th – 28th conducting the on-site portion of the city exam.  McGrane advised he is still working with the insurance company for the Pre-Treatment Plant in reference to the flooding.  McGrane informed the council that there is a good chance that Bacon Concrete would start working on Cardinal Park this week. 

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to discuss the Fayette Community Library 2017 Iowa Public Library General Information Survey.  Wenthe highlighted a few items in the report.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to discuss Ordinance 497 – Amending Fayette city code section 69.08 parking regulations: No parking zones by adding sub section 13.  No parking on east side of Mechanic Street from West Madison Street to East Jay Street, second reading.  Moved Larson, seconded Wulfekuhle, to waive the third reading of Ordinance 497.  Larson, Tucker and Wulfekuhle aye, Kragnes and Nefzger nay, motion carried (on 10/6/2017 discovered the motion failed because it must pass with a three-fourths vote).  Moved Larson, seconded Tucker, to approve the second reading and adopt Ordinance 497. On roll call, Larson, Tucker and Wulfekuhle ayes, Kragnes and Nefzger nay, motion carried.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to introduce Resolution 2017-15.  Moved Tucker, seconded Kragnes, to approve and adopt Resolution 2017-15: A resolution awarding the Cardinal Park Flooding Project to Bacon Concrete LLC out of Postville, Iowa, in the amount of $41,629.  Roll call, all ayes, carried.

     Mayor Wenthe advised the council that Upper Iowa University had withdrawn their request to seek approval of closing the 200 block of S. Main St. between State St. and Clark St. from 4PM to 11:30PM on Saturday, Oct. 28th, for a post-game bash for UIU’s Homecoming celebration due to not being able to get all community partners on board.

     Moved Nefzger, seconded Kragnes, to discuss approving a CDBG Housing Rehabilitation grant.  Lori Brockway with Upper Explorerland Regional Planning Commission discussed details about the grant with the council.  Brockway informed the council that there is no longer a city match.  If the city is awarded the grant, then homeowners in Fayette that meet low to moderate income requirements may apply for a forgivable loan for housing projects such as electrical, roof, windows, lead hazard reduction, plumbing, heating, etc.  The cost to the city would be $1,500 for Upper Explorerland to prepare, help manage and apply for the grant.  Moved Kragnes, seconded Wulfekuhle, to approve and adopt the grant writing agreement and approve the expenditure of $1,500 for the grant.  All ayes, motion carried.

     Moved Kragnes, seconded Larson, to discuss replacing the automatic alarm dialer at the pre-treatment plant.  McGrane explained that the current automatic dialer is malfunctioning.  Moved Kragnes, seconded Wulfekuhle, to approve the purchase of a new alarm dialer for the wastewater treatment plant from Automatic Systems Co. in the amount of $2,275 plus any taxes, fees and permits that are necessary.  All ayes, motion carried.

     Moved Nefzger, seconded Kragnes, to discuss monthly transfers from the Sewer fund to the Sewer SRF Sinking fund.   McGrane explained this was suggested from the auditors as an easy way to meet the SRF Sewer Revenue Bond contract requirement of maintaining 110% of the annual debt service (or payment).  McGrane recommended transferring $9,575.50 each month, starting with July 2017, as that amount is 110% of $104,460 (which is the city’s largest annual payment in fiscal year 2029) divided by 12 months.  The annual payments fluctuate slightly each year, by using the largest payment amount, the city will not have to change the monthly transfer amount each year.  The city will make the annual payments out of the Sewer SRF Sinking fund.  Moved Nefzger, seconded Kragnes, to approve monthly transfers of $9,575.50 from the Sewer fund to the Sewer SRF Sinking fund starting from July 2017 and lasting until the Sewer Revenue Bond is paid off.  All ayes, motion carried.

     Moved Larson, seconded Nefzger, to have Amy Tucker provide an update from the Fayette Hazard Mitigation meetings.  Tucker advised she has been attending some of the Fayette County Hazard Mitigation meetings and briefly explained what has been discussed at the meetings.  Tucker advised she was hoping to have an updated document to share with the council, but she hasn’t received it yet and will provide an update at the next council meeting. 

     At 8:02pm, moved Tucker, seconded Kragnes, to go into closed session per Iowa Code Section 21.5(1)(j) to discuss the purchase or sale of real estate only where premature disclosure could be reasonably expected to increase the price the City would have to pay for that property or reduce the price the City would receive for that property.  Roll call, all ayes, motion carried.    

     At 8:13pm, moved Kragnes, seconded Nefzger, to get out of closed session.  Roll call, all ayes, carried. 

     There being no further business, moved Nefzger, unanimous, to adjourn at 8:13pm.

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