Small Business Saturday - November 24, 2018

This Saturday (November 24th) is Small Business Saturday.  I like to take this time each year to remind everyone how important it is to shop and support our local businesses.  Over the last few years, the City of Fayette has lost a handful of businesses for a variety reasons.  For each local business that closes down, it impacts the other businesses in Fayette, the city of Fayette and you in one way or another.  I personally believe we are bouncing back.  We’ve gained some new businesses such as Yoga Genesis, Shrubb’s Eatery, Hippie Mike’s and Dollar General.  We currently have two new businesses that are hoping to open in downtown Fayette early next year.  We have some awesome businesses that have been in Fayette for years and are still going strong.  By shopping and supporting these Fayette businesses, your money helps create local jobs, your tax dollars stay local (going toward public services, better schools and libraries) and these businesses give back to our neighborhood and community (for example donating to events, fundraisers or our town celebration, Watermelon Days).  If you are unable to purchase something in the City of Fayette, then try and make your purchases in nearby cities, or within Fayette County.  By doing this, your local option sales tax benefits our city.  If you travel outside Fayette County for purchases, then your local option sales tax stays in those counties.  Before you make that trip out of town to do your shopping or make those purchases online, take some time to check out our local businesses.  If you have never been to some of our businesses in town, take a few minutes and check them out.  You may be surprised at some of the things the offer.  I ask you to please support our local businesses and help promote the great things we have in Fayette.

-Kris McGrane, Fayette City Administrator/Clerk

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