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Antique Car Club on Main Street

An antique car club was in Fayette on June 25, 2015.  The old vehicles are parked on Main Street in front of Pavo Blue Coffee & Gift Shop.

Antique cars on Main St. 6 25 15 002

Antique cars on Main St. 6 25 15 007

Watermelon Days 2015

Watermelon Days 2015 was a great success! There were many people who showed up to enjoy all the activities and entertainment. Thanks to all the volunteers and those who helped support Watermelon Days 2015! Below are just some pictures to highlight the weekend. Mark your calendar for next year, the weekend after Labor Day, Sept. 9th-11th.

9 12 15FreeWatermelon1 9 12 15GrandMarshallDickNihartParade9 12 15WatermelonDaysBruceBearinger

9 12 15MayorAndrewWentheFamilyParade   9 12 15LilMasterFayetteBrodyGroveLilMissFayetteEvaSayer   9 12 15MissFayette2015MeganGavinMrFayetteJasonKing

9 12 15WatermelonDaysCinderellaAtCartoonConcert1

9 12 15WatermelonDaysFREEKidsActivities2   9 12 15WatermelonDaysLaserTag2

9 12 15WatermelonDaysCartoonConcertPictures

 9 12 15WatermelonDaysLinedUpforParade

9 12 15WatermelonDaysFREEKidsActivities   9 12 15WatermelonDaysParadeStarts

 9 12 15WatermelonDaysOlafCartoonConcert2

  9 12 15WatermelonDaysFREEKidsActivities6

9 12 15WatermelonDaysFleaMarket CraftShow 

9 12 15WatermelonIdolFinaleWinnerMarcAlbert  9 12 15WatermelonIdolFinaleLoriDecker  9 12 15WatermelonIdolFinaleFatherJimBrokman

9 12 15WatermelonIdolAllContestantsAndJudgessml

9 12 15WatermelonIdolAllContestants2sml  9 12 15WatermelonIdolFinaleCrowd2sml

9 12 15WatermelonIdolAllContestants3sml

9 13 15WatermelonDaysShowAndShine  9 13 15WatermelonDaysShowAndShine1

9 13 15WatermelonTractorRide1  9 13 15WatermelonTractorRide20  9 13 15WatermelonTractorRide26

9 13 15WatermelonTractorRide21   9 13 15WatermelonTractorRide22

Draft Rental Housing Code

The Fayette Mayor and City Council are having the first reading of a proposed Rental Housing Code on August 1, 2016.  click here to read Ordinance #484.  If you have any questions or suggestions, you may send an email to the City Administrator and she will see that the council receives a copy of your question(s)/comment(s).  For the Draft Inspection Plan click here.  For the Draft Landlord Registration Form click here.

Notice of Board of Adjustment Meeting July 6, 2017



        You are hereby notified that on Thursday, July 6, 2017 at 6PM in Fayette City Hall, the Fayette Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing to elicit input and responses relating to the requests from James & Carla Mitchell and Daryl & Marta Grove. The Mitchell’s are requesting a variance to the requirements in Chapter 165.10(2), to construct a machine shed in their side yard at 103 Jones Street, on the vacant lot where they removed an old house. The Grove’s are requesting a variance to the requirements in Chapter 165.10(2), to construct a lean to roof off the top of the bus located in the east side yard of their property at 511 East Water Street.   The Board will decide on the exceptions from the side yard restriction prohibiting accessory buildings in front or side yards for both requests.

     If you so desire, you may appear, either in person or by agent or attorney, in support of or in opposition to the special exception or variance to the ordinance.

/s/Kris McGrane, City Administrator/Clerk 6/9/2017

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